US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Aims to Engineer Trust and Integrity to Boost US Meat Exports in Africa

April 28, 2023 0

The US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is actively working to overcome supply chain challenges in Africa to tap into the region’s potential as a major market for U.S. meat exports. According to USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom, Africa has the world’s youngest demographic and a growing spending power, making it a promising market for American meat products.

According to Halstrom, Africa as a continent and specific countries such as South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Congo and Senegal prove to be valid markets for US beef and pork exports.

To achieve this goal, USMEF is collaborating with individual exporters and packers to introduce sample products to key customers throughout Africa. Developing relationships with key players in the region is seen as critical for the U.S. to fully realize Africa’s market potential, according to Matt Copeland, USMEF Africa representative.

He further added that in the past, Southern, West, and East Africa have been “dumping grounds” for protein products from around the world, with trading companies taking advantage of these routes. To overcome this, USMEF is working to engineer trust and integrity within those trade routes back to the United States.

Currently, Africa is a solid market for variety meat exports, and beef variety meats are already popular, but there is additional opportunity for growth potential in exports of U.S. pork and beef muscle cuts. USMEF’s efforts to overcome supply chain challenges and develop relationships in Africa are expected to benefit American meat exporters and help them tap into this promising market.

Source: Brownfield News

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