Our Strategy

Partnerships for Agriculture

Eagmark continues to partner with other stakeholders in the agriculture industry after realization of a huge gap across all levels in the farming and market systems.

* Secondary Objective is to accelerate the growth of small agribusinesses and increase output of the small-holder farmers in SSA.
* Primary objective is to strengthen technical and agribusiness capacities of farmers and small agribusiness holders.

The global population is on the rise and it is projected that by 2050, the world population will reach approximately 10 billion. With the increasing population, there is continuous and rapidly increasing demand for food. Consequently, the increase in individual wealth and income has resulted to increase in demand for food and this has presented astronomical opportunities for agricultural food systems to catalyze employment creation, strengthen resilience, boost trade, and transform economic systems.

Singly, agriculture presents the greatest opportunity to spur and sustain the economy of a nation full circle through economic growth, creation of jobs, and improving the health of a country’s population. The world over, nations have built modern economies by focusing on strengthening the agricultural industry and this has continued to contribute towards increasing their gross domestic product (GDP). For Africa, it is estimated that the value of food market will grow to USD 1 trillion by 2030. This presents an opportunity and pathway for African countries to attain and sustain agricultural transformation.
The Eagmark strategy and programs have been tailored to responded to the gaps below by designing “an all-inclusive agricultural transformation process to optimize agricultural productivity for farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa through innovative approaches and advanced technologies” with the main objective of strengthening technical and agribusiness capacities of individuals and households in the field of agriculture.

1. Low number of skilled personnel largely contributed by the few training skill-based training opportunities that can churn out the workforce needed to achieve optimal agricultural productivity.
2. Lack of strong agribusiness empowerment programs prioritized for reducing the burden of food shortage and hunger while supporting farmers, especially the youth and women in honing their skills in agribusiness.
3. Poor linkage, relevance and competencies that could respond to the immediate agricultural needs.
4. Almost lack of opportunities of practical experience for students in the agricultural industry which has led to reduced interest and focus in agribusiness.
5. Few routine training opportunities through workshops, farm ‘laboratories’, practical farming, etc.

Pathways to

Agricultural Transformation

Eagmark strongly believes in growing agricultural systems by leveraging the existing opportunities and partnerships that will increase investments through the right combination of policies, engagements and models tailored for agricultural and agribusiness enterprises.

  • Strengthening Systems
  • Scaling Technologies
  • Buiding Strategic Partnerships
  • Financial Stewardship for Sustainability
Strengthening Systems

The goal is to increase farm productivity, improve access to markets and supply chain, boost resilience, and integration of value chain at farmer-level and across systems.

Scaling Technologies

Optimizing work processes by developing effective and efficient systems through innovations and technologies.

Buiding Strategic Partnerships

We embrace cohesive partnerships which enables us to work towards our strategic mission, vision and common goals. Our partnership development initiatives is geared towards creating stronger synergies among value chain actors in order to increase our impact in supporting farmers and agribusinesses.

Financial Stewardship for Sustainability

We formulate and implement sustainable growth-oriented financial and structural policies that fortify the organizational systems.

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