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As a premier solution-oriented organization, Eagmark presents many benefits to its staff, including flexible work and leave options. Eagmark provides a lot more than just work opportunities. We provide a conducive work environment and many other benefits.

Flexible Work Options

We value Flexible Work Options to support staff efforts to balance the demands of work and personal life. The approach involves use of nontraditional work hours, locations, job structures and flexible work arrangements.

Telework Program

Teleworking allows you to work somewhere or anywhere other than your official office. This benefit is subject to terms of an employee-employer agreement as well as management and supervisory discretion.

Compressed Work Schedules

Aims to complete staff’s basic work requirement within 25 working days. We often use the 5-4-9 approach; working five 9-hour days in one week, four 9-hour days the other week of the pay period, and then have one day off.

Flexible Work Schedules (FWS)

FWS include Flexitour, Gliding Schedule, Variable Day Schedule, and Maxiflex. These are all variations of working hours other than the Eagmark standard of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Part-Time Work/Job Sharing

The key to achieving family-friendly workplaces at Eagmark is to take full advantage of all the personnel flexibility and resources available. We recognizes the value of part-time employment.

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Eagmark is an equal opportunity employer.

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