Syngenta and Biotalys Join Forces to Develop Sustainable Biocontrol Solutions for Agriculture

April 28, 2023 0

Agricultural companies Syngenta Crop Protection and Biotalys have joined forces to create innovative and sustainable biocontrol solutions for various crops. This new partnership aims to develop a new mode of action to tackle key pests that threaten agriculture and promote sustainable farming. Syngenta will collaborate with Biotalys to leverage their AGROBODY technology platform, a protein-based biocontrol solution, for Syngenta’s specific insect targets.

The agriculture industry is facing challenges such as resistance development, regulatory, and environmental pressures. Therefore, growers are searching for effective biological solutions to limit the negative impact on the environment and biodiversity. Biotalys has shown potential in its protein-based biocontrols to provide novel modes of actions for safe and efficient application in food and agriculture. This partnership allows Biotalys to develop and globally commercialize its innovative crop protection solutions by leveraging Syngenta’s extensive network and capabilities.

Syngenta, a global agricultural business, is committed to providing farmers with cutting-edge technologies that improve the sustainability of agriculture. Working with Biotalys as part of its agricultural innovation ecosystem is a significant step towards addressing critical farmer needs worldwide. The collaboration of both companies aims to create a pivotal role in the industry by offering growers safe, efficient, and sustainable agricultural solutions.

According to Patrice Sellès, Chief Executive Officer at Biotalys, collaborating with Syngenta is a major milestone in the company’s mission to provide growers with safe, efficient, and sustainable agricultural solutions.

The financial details and further terms of this partnership are undisclosed.

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