Eagmark’s programs are dynamic and provide market-driven opportunities and transformation of the agricultural industry as the surest path to inclusive economic growth and development.

Climate Action

We aim to work towards a carbon-free society, and we are banking on the power of carbon farming/regenerative agriculture as a viable option to offset our CO2 emissions and address the climate crisis.

Additionally, we promote climate-smart farming (CSF) & climate-resilient farming (CRF) practices within rural communities to transform and sustain agriculture in ways that can meet the current demand for food without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs. We focus on adoption of agricultural-resilient practices to mitigate the burden of climate change.


Capacity Building

Eagmark seeks to build capacity of smallholder farmers and aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs in Africa to increase their food security and incomes.

Our goal is to train and empower 10,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and agribusiness personnel in the next 5 years on business development with the goal of improving their efficiency, outreach and profitability.


Digital Marketing

Eagmark’s digital marketing program aims to drive digital impact through direct engagement with small holder farmers, other producers, and consumers of agricultural products and services.

We have the ability to catalyze and bring together the agricultural community through our digital marketing solutions and strategies that promote and enable connections in the agriculture and agribusiness ecosystems and markets.


Market Access Programs

We have a leading e-commerce platform for farmers, producers, agribusinesses and farmers’ markets. The platform provides the opportunity for marketing and selling products and services online as well as keeping inven­to­ry, cus­tomers, and orders in sync.

We make sure you not only have the best tools in the field but in your jour­ney online as well. Eagmark is offer­ing users a free pre­mi­um fea­ture which they can subscribe to and start sell­ing online.


Digital Farming

We integrating both precision farming and smart farming concepts which involve consistent application of internal and external networking systems of the farm and use of web-based data platforms together with Big Data analyses to automate agriculture processes for operational consistency and precision.

Our Digital Farming platform enables producers and processors to quickly and easily increase efficiency, improve decision-making, and realize more revenue. We empower agribusinesses across the value chain to eliminate costly inaccuracies of manual inspection, quantification, & analysis.


The Future of Agriculture

Women & Youth Empowerment

We recognize that income generation is the main solution for poverty, and we seek to empower and spur individuals, especially women and youth in the agricultural value chain by catalyzing and supporting the acceleration of agribusinesses using technology to provide smallholders with training and education on how to access cost-effective financing, better farming practices, and providing marketing support services.

The initiative aims at strengthening women and youth in agribusiness by increasing their entrepreneurial performance through tailored online and offline learning programs and activities, as well as by advancing advocacy.


Agricultural Research & Development

With the rising population and dwindling agricultural production in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the food supply system is headed to a potential tipping point. Therefore, there must be a shift towards agricultural growth and productivity so as to increase incomes for agribusiness SMEs and rural farmers to enable them compete in both domestic and international markets. The shift towards the growth trajectory heavily relies on improved supply of agricultural technologies and innovations which stems from an effective and efficient agricultural research system.

Eagmark works with researchers to come up with innovative solutions that address the current limitations and inefficiencies in the agricultural production and market systems.


Partner with us

We work with other like-minded partners whose mission are in synergy with Eagmark’s – combining each other’s resources in order to work towards the common goal of multiplying agricultural production and spurring economic growth in Africa.

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