Our Objective

Why We Exist


To advance agricultural productivity and enhance innovation and technology in the industry.


To improve the present and build a sustainable, resilient, food-secure future through innovations and collective intelligence.

What We Do

Since inception, Eagmark has been working to find solutions to the growing demand for food and agricultural products, rooted in our core values of quality, integrity, teamwork, stewardship, and commitment to humanity. This focus has kept us grounded and guides us in making the best decisions for the organization, the communities we serve, consumers, and our planet. We have embarked on an advocacy mission for farmers and agribusiness owners to adopt smart farming and Agri-Tech innovations and inventions to address the issues in agriculture. Our objective as an organization is to provide farmer-focused solutions to be able to sustainably feed the world. We work together with other industry players to deliver smart solutions, market insights, technical know-how and applicable education and training that is needed by farmers to sustain their operations and the environment while increasing farm productivity. Eagmark continues to be the true partner of farmers and will always endeavor to think and act from the perspective of its clients and the community.

The Opportunity

Africa’s population is projected to increase from 1.3 to 2.5 billion by 2050, making up 25% of the world’s population which is estimated to be at 9.7 at the same time. With this growth, the demand for food will grow exponentially and unemployment will soar since the number of young people in Africa will increase. Unfortunately, as many as 90% of African youth are expected to work in the informal sector due to a scarcity of jobs. This has led to high rates of youth unemployment, which is a major concern, given that education systems in Africa are not effectively preparing students for the job market. Even those who complete tertiary education often lack the skills needed to secure available jobs and overcome gender disparities. This situation contributes to a high level of unemployment and underemployment. Through Eagmark’s commitment to addressing food insecurity and unemployment in Africa, this requires finding solutions to the challenges posed by the continent’s demographics and education systems.

The Solution

Eagmark believes that Africa’s food insecurity and youth unemployment can be addressed by adopting technology and transforming the education system which will translate to employment. Eagmark is working towards achieving this by coming up with innovative solutions and creating skills-based educational models that empower young people with the necessary tools to drive measurable change. Eagmark’s programs focus on improving the present and build a sustainable, resilient, food-secure future through innovations and collective intelligence, which is the critical driver towards transformation. Through a heuristic approach, Eagmark also empowers the youth to learn and employ practical skills in agribusiness, such as opportunity identification, business planning, and resilience. By equipping young people with these skills, Eagmark is preparing them to overcome the systemic problem of youth unemployment. These efforts are crucial in addressing the issue of food insecurity in Africa, which is a key concern for Eagmark.

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