The Syngenta Group Introduces a Novel Collaboration and Acceleration Platform for Agricultural Innovation

March 26, 2023 0

Shoots by Syngenta,” a worldwide platform created to aid in addressing agriculture’s most difficult challenges, fostering innovation, and advancing more sustainable agriculture, has been officially launched by Syngenta Group. The platform will connect scientific discovery and creativity, bringing together academia, research centers, startups, and cross-industry sectors to work with Syngenta’s global network of 5,000+ scientists. It will begin with science-based innovation challenges.

A startup accelerator will also be a part of “Shoots by Syngenta,” offering a supportive environment for early-stage businesses creating breakthrough agricultural technologies. Startup cohorts will enroll in a program that connects them with funding, mentors, and resources to hasten their growth and impact.

With the help of agricultural innovation, 5 billion more people can now be fed on virtually the same amount of land as they were 70 years ago. However, by 2050, 2+ billion more people will be eating 50% more food, necessitating a quicker innovation pathway for useful and scalable technology. These solutions for farmers facing escalating dangers from pests, disease, and harsh weather play an increasingly essential role in innovation through collaboration.

Specific innovation needs from across the Syngenta Crop Protection and Seeds businesses will be highlighted in “Shoots by Syngenta.” Every person with a scientific interest is able to submit proposals in response to the challenges or other areas of attention when the science-based innovation challenges are posted on the website. Quick evaluation of proposals leads to the progression of those that fit both parties into a cooperative partnership to further the study or technology that may later be licensed.

Early-stage businesses will have the chance to test their technology at Syngenta’s Farm of the Future and a few select grower farms around the world. The startup accelerator will also offer mentorship and access to industry experts, as well as a chance to present and test ideas with relevant business executives and investors. Participants will get individualized coaching from Syngenta business leaders that is tailored to meet the needs of each team.

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