Syngenta Crop Protection & Biome Makers Partner to Address Soil Health in Agriculture

October 3, 2022 0

The dirt under our feet is usually not given much attention and many still cannot fully understand its real potential, value, and its priceless foundation for all life on Earth. Fertile soils are a source of nutrients for crops and all plant life that are critical in providing feed for animals and food to the entire global population.

Technological innovations such as Biome Makers’ BeCrop technology are used globally to deliver insights into soil biology and sets the standard for soil health. Syngenta’s Research and Development program dubbed the LIVINGRO program will use BeCrop technology to make science-driven decisions that will sustain the production of food that is safe and healthy while conserving and improving biodiversity and soil quality in agricultural ecosystems.

The LIVINGRO program provides a platform that extensively assesses biodiversity and soil health parameters in farming ecosystems. The platform promotes scientific research in the most effective and renewing farming practices to help cultivators and growers improve farm biodiversity and protecting soils for future generations. The program works collaboratively with globally recognized biodiversity, ecology, soil science, and agronomy specialists.

In modern times, it is now possible to sequence the DNA of the soil microbiomes and produce huge amounts of data by using next generation sequencing (NGS) that provides the ability to understand complex datasets and provide the important insights. The Biome Makers’ BeCrop technology interprets the data and produces usable soil health metrics. This data provides informative details that enables farmers to produce more sustainably while fortifying soil functionality and improving soil health.

The joint efforts by the two organizations will further advance soil health management and sustainable farming practices which will ensure quality soil and increased food production for future generations.

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