Precision Technology Takes the Lead in Agriculture Industry with Syngenta’s Suite of Solutions

April 17, 2023 0

The agricultural industry is experiencing a rapid influx of technological solutions that seem to appear almost daily. Syngenta, an industry giant, is offering a suite of solutions that will benefit end-users. In an exclusive interview with AgriBusiness Global DIRECT, Syngenta’s Head of Digital Agriculture Solutions, Ron Cowman, shared insight into the company’s digital ag offering. He discussed the evolution of technology in the industry and the importance of risk mitigation tools and predictive modeling.

Cowman said that when he began working in the technology sector, it was really focused more on what lagging indicators were there. It was about creating a digital file cabinet to capture everything that was being done on the farm, and where we see that evolving.

Cowman believes that the next area of breakthrough will be in computational agronomy, where the plant’s interaction with its environment will be analyzed in more detail to provide prescriptive data insight. The more we know about the plant interaction within that specific environment, the more detailed and prescriptive your data insight will be.

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The areas of precision application technology, such as See & Spray technology, and automation from the equipment perspective, such as driverless tractors, will also come into play. The ultimate goal is to provide more information to members of the supply chain so that they can make better decisions.

In addition to decision-making and insights, other type of risk mitigation tools can be put into play or some other types of predictive modeling can be put into place so that a customer or a grower isn’t always working off what had happened, but they are working off the current environmental conditions and what could happen.

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