Nutrition Technologies Unveils Vitalis™ Bioactive Spray to Revolutionize Plant Health

September 26, 2023 0

Nutrition Technologies has introduced Vitalis™, a patent-pending, 100% natural bioactive spray derived from Black Soldier Fly (BSF) frass. This innovative product has been carefully fermented and enriched with additional chitin and a unique microbial inoculant, Bacillus halotolerans, sourced directly from BSF larvae. The result? An immensely effective plant protection product that enhances natural plant defenses against pathogens and bolsters drought tolerance.

Nutrition Technologies, a pioneer in insect-based solutions, has been at the forefront of this revolutionary approach since 2015. Their commitment to leveraging natural systems and upcycling nutrients aligns perfectly with the principles of Decomposition Ecology. With a dedicated team of over 20 scientists and a state-of-the-art microbiology laboratory, they have subjected their products to rigorous testing both internally and with third-party collaborators.

Vitalis™ is meticulously formulated to address multiple facets of plant health. It acts as a potent shield against fungal diseases, promotes the proliferation of beneficial microbes, and delivers essential micronutrients to plants. The key to its success lies in the microbial inoculant and insect chitin. The isolated bacteria, a marvel from the larvae’s digestive system, has been proven to suppress plant pathogens by an astounding 96%. Meanwhile, the chitin, sourced from mature larvae exoskeletons, encourages the growth of chitin-degrading bacteria in the liquid, which effectively combats pathogenic fungi.

This harmonious blend fortifies the plant’s natural defenses, creating robust and disease-resistant foliage and root zones. Unlike conventional methods reliant on fungicides and aggressive soil treatments, Vitalis™ nourishes the soil by enhancing microbial activity, increasing nutrient availability, and ultimately promoting healthier plants. According to Nutrition Technologies, a single bottle of Vitalis™ packs a punch with 12 billion beneficial bacteria, providing a quick and efficient method to enhance soil microbial profiles and safeguard plants from fungal infections.

Versatility and Sustainable Production

Vitalis™ offers a versatile application, suitable for use as both a foliar spray and root drench. It can be employed on its own or in combination with Diptia®, another bioactive fertilizer from Nutrition Technologies.

Nutrition Technologies have also developed a low-energy tropical production system, a remarkable fusion of micro-organisms and Black Soldier Flies, capable of converting 60,000 metric tons of organic by-products annually into value-added products for livestock and agriculture. The Black Soldier Fly larvae, thriving in the Malaysian climate, require minimal energy for growth and breeding. This unique approach ensures not only cost-effective production but also maintains the highest standards of quality and safety. The company’s products are shipped worldwide, from Asia to North & South America and Europe, demonstrating their commitment to global agriculture.

A Critical Innovation for Food Security

Nick Piggott, Co-CEO of Nutrition Technologies, emphasizes the critical role Vitalis™ plays in safeguarding the global food supply chain. By addressing two of the most economically threatening plant pathogens, Ganoderma in oil palms and Fusarium oxysporum in bananas, Vitalis™ helps secure the future of these staple crops.

As the world contends with the challenges of food security, Nutrition Technologies’ pioneering approach demonstrates a significant leap towards a more sustainable and resilient agricultural future. The insect sector, as a whole, is gaining substantial attention, with the global insect protein market expected to grow exponentially. With nearly $1 billion in investments, it’s clear that this sector is determined to drive change and sustainability in agriculture.

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